Evdog is a multi-genre musician based in Melbourne specializing in pop-culture and internet fandom-based musical works, with over 10 years of songwriting, producing and performance experience. Having a well-rounded discography, spanning Folk, Indie, Pop, Rock, EDM, Hip-Hop, Swing Jazz and more, Evdog takes inspiration from a variety of sources. Live shows reflect the same kind of diversity, with variations in setup, ranging from a humble Singer/Guitarist arrangement, to an electronic music setup, to a 4-part acapella quartet, to the extravagance of a Ska/Punk band.

Born on the 29th of December, 1993, Evan McArdle-Davis initially began his online pop culture project, Evdog, through the budding musical branch of the Brony (adult My Little Pony fans) community, eventually coming to perform throughout Australia at many of their national conventions. In recent years, he’s also begun to branch out to other niches in the current pop-culture landscape, including Videogame fandoms, Webcomics, Anime, and other Western Animation.

Evan currently studies a Bachelor of Music in Melbourne, and releases mainstream works under ‘Evan McArdle’. The Evdog Youtube channel currently contains over 80 musical works and over 1,800 subscribers.

Evan has worked on collaborations with artists across Australia (The L-Train, Vaceslav, Feather, Cherax Destructor) across the Tasman (Replacer), and Internationally (RinaChan, Knights of the Crystal Empire, Nexgen, ElectronicBloo, Aoshi)

Evdog can be contacted via e-mail (contact@evdog.co), or via Facebook and Twitter.


    • Sellyme, Equestrian Beat

I love how each new element brought into this tune recontextualizes the stuff that came before. This is a tune that really rewards paying attention. There’s phenomenal synth work that bounces around between both stereo channels, so it’s easy to get lost in this tune.”

    • Freewave, FiMMusic